Virtual Office Services - Holiday And Short Term Cover

Virtual office services are not always needed by companies’ full time. Sometimes a business may only need phone answering services and virtual office services for a short period of time, whether this is due to sickness or holidays at KBVO we provide virtual office solution to cover this. Even if you only need call centre services for one day we can provide the full range of virtual office services from telephone answering services, to call handling services. We realise that sometimes there can be unforeseen circumstances when businesses may need a short period of cover which is why we have set up these virtual office and phone answering services to handle these events.

KBVO's phone answering services can be the virtual office solution you need to ensure professional call handling, giving you peace of mind while you're away. Whether it is for a long week end in the country, a few days in Paris or a fortnight with the family in the sun we all need a break from time to time. KBVO's virtual office solutions ensure that you take a break assured that your business is in safe hands.

Call Answering Service

At KBVO we provide professional PA’s for call handling in your company name while you are away. We will log every message and provide you with a written report via Email or FAX when you return. Whilst we wouldn't want to disturb your relaxation time, if you want us to, we can even send urgent text messages to your mobile wherever you are. Clients can use KBVO’s Personalised phone answering service for short periods if they do not require virtual office services longer term.

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