How to set up your telephone answering service:

When you choose to use KBVO you are assigned named PAs who become part of your team.
Your account is set up by your own team from the very start.
You'll discuss your requirements with your team so that your PAs know how they can assist your business. Some of the main points covered are listed below:
  • Who you are?
  • What you do / what is your business?
  • Who else works with you?
  • What types of calls do you get?
  • What information / questions do you need asked? (there may be specific qustions you need asked apart from: name, contact details, reason for call etc...)
  • How would you like to receive your messages?
  • Do you have a diary you need to be managed?
  • You are able to speak with your assigned PAs and also have an email address to send your PAs information such as your movements.
Call us now to set up your service : 0800 955 6488


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(from landlines)

0333 200 2505
(from mobiles)


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