Virtual Landline Costs and Services - The Most Cost Effective Solution In The UK

Setting up your New Landline Number On A Mobile is simple and quick.

Important Points:

  • Only New Numbers are used.
  • Live within 24 hours
  • Online Portal management or we can do this for you at no extra cost

Our pricing is clear, straight forward and is designed to allow you to know what you are spending.

We don't supply your number then add costs for each service you want to add. We have created three packages which will support what you need when you need it. You can switch between packages each month as you grow and need more services.

We provide you with the most cost effective and reliable solutions. You don't just get a landline number, you get the services to support your requirements and the customer support of KBVO's, 4 Years In A Row, award winning team.

Check out the most suitable package for your business and then either set up online or call us on 0333 200 2505 and we will have you up and running now! 

Virtual 01, 02 Landline Numbers Virtual 1Virtual 2Virtual 3Virtual Receptionist
Select Your Service Now ENQUIRE ENQUIRE ENQUIRE Call To Add
Monthly Subscription £5.50 £6.50 £12.50 £12.50
Set Up (One Off Fee) £5.50 £5.50 £5.50 N/A
Rings On A Mobile





Rings On A UK Landline  2.5ppm 2.5ppm 2.5ppm N/A
Whisper Announcement yes yes yes N/A
Online Call Stats yes yes yes N/A
Live Account Management Yes Telephone Answering KBVO yes yes N/A
Divert Up To 3 Numbers In Sequence
yes yes N/A
Divert Up To 3 Numbers At The Same Time     Yes Landline on A Mobile  
Personalised Voicemail To Email
yes yes N/A
Menu Function, Press 1 for..., Press 2 for..,  

Yes Landline Mobile

Yes Mobile Landline

Missed Call Alerts   Yes Landline on Mobile Yes landline on Mobile  
Online Management Of Your Number/s
Yes Landline on a Mobile Yes landline on a Mobile N/A
Welcome Announcement For Callers

yes N/A
Whisper With Accept Or Reject Call Function     Yes Landline on a Mobile  
Transfer Callers To Other Numbers

yes N/A
Live Receptionist Answers Overflow Calls

Call Recording

2ppm N/A
Add Bundle x 200 Minutes (when required) £10.00 £10.00 £10.00 N/A
Add More Local Numbers On Your Service £4.50 £5.50 £8.50



Since 2003 we have been a trusted provider of Virtual UK Landline and 08 numbers. We are experts in assisting you choosing and setting up your New number along with providing the additional services which are available on your number service. e.g. Voicemail to Email and a Whisper Announcement when you answer your mobile (this tells you that the call is from your landline number before the caller is connected to you). 

Call us now on 0800 083 2223 from landlines or 0333 200 2505 from mobiles with any questions you may have and to Set Up Your New Number.


0800 083 2223
(from landlines)

0333 200 2505
(from mobiles)


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