Why Use KBVO For Your Telephone Answering Service?

Of course it goes without saying that:
  • Your assigned PAs answer your calls as part of your team
  • Your messages are detailed and relayed immediately
  • Your end of day message summary is sent religiously and you and your team no longer miss any calls or opportunities.
The above are given expectations and should be the least we do for you!
  • What else can we do to personalise your answering service?
  • How can we help add value and ensure you can't possibly live without your KBVO PAs?
  • Your business is unique so let us help keep this the winning factor by assisting you when you are not available to deal with your calls
When your company needs assistance your PAs will work with you to ensure you have the support required no matter when you need it.
Whether you Miss calls because:
  • Your phones are engaged
  • Unanswered
  • You are simply not in the office
...no matter what your situation is your named PAs will always answer your calls.
By knowing your requirements, which can change hourly/daily, your PAs will ensure:
  • A professional and personal image is given each time they speak to your callers
  • Your daily movements are known by your PAs
  • Your PAs will know exactly what to say and what information you need from callers
  • Your online diary (bespoke/Google/KBVO's) is manged perfectly
Your calls can be straight forward or they can be complicated. Isn't it great to know that your trusted PAs can deal with those calls for you? With experienced, trained and award winning PAs (In Awarded Most Loved Telephone Answering Service In The UK : 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013!) you can go over your business and discuss what you need as your business develops and changes. Call us now on 0800 083 2223 to chat through what you need.
We whole heartedly believe that it is important to know who answers your calls and also be able to speak with them. Existing clients find this to be a huge comfort. One that is practically unique when measured against our competitors. Trust, Confidence and Continuity are the building blocks of our service.
When you start using your telephone answering service you are called by your PAs to introduce themselves 
  • You will be assigned personal assistants who become part of your team.
    You will Personalise how you require the telephone to be answered.
    You will Personalise what information your PAs are to retrieve from each call and also how you want to receive your messages.
  • Little things your PAs do to make a difference will shine through. e.g. use the callers name when speaking to them!
  • You can contact your PAs at anytime to update them on your movements, new business updates and expected important callers.
  • Your PAs will help you with calling your contacts to confirm meetings, change appointments etc. when you are too busy.
  • At the end of day each day your messages are summarised and emailed to you or members of your team.
Your telephone answering service comes in a range of monthly packages. Each package has a different amount of messages included. Each package will suit your business at various times throughout the year. You can change your package each month, in fact we monitor your activity and prompt you should you be better on a different package. Each package has the same service level so no matter the size or requirements a business has, it will always be afforded the required level of attention.

General Information about Telephone Answering Services:

Telephone answering services in the UK are becoming increasingly popular as more and more businesses are discovering the benefits of outsourcing this type of activity. Our answering service is different from the standard call centre scenario as your service is personalised. You are assigned PAs who will know about you and your business. Our call management system allows your PAs to immediately identify your calls. Your business details are displayed on their screen so that your PAs have all the information they need to support your business. There are no hidden fees for your telephone answering service therefore providing a cost effective solution for your company.

We ensure that your PAs are able to provide a ‘personal touch’ thereby providing an excellent first impression to potential and existing customers. Your PAs work with you ongoing and build upon their expertise in your business, increasing their knowledge of your company and becoming part of your team. As part of our superior service your PAs will relay your messages immediately by email, SMS text or fax, whichever you prefer.

At KBVO we realise that your needs vary, we therefore offer a flexible service with packages to suit your company’s best interests and allow you to change the service you require each month. We provide many services such as call transfer giving your business all the flexibility it needs. 

Your PAs monitor and recommend changes to your current package to ensure you get the best possible service. You are free to call your PAs at anytime during the working day to discuss any work matters or queries you may have, giving you complete peace of mind. We guarantee you a close relationship, as well as trust and confidence in your team of named PAs.

Our personal service can greatly benefit large, small and home run companies because we offer many solutions, for example, a shortage of staff at critical times and missing calls during important meetings. Every call is answered by your PAs promptly and answered in your company name. Your account can be updated and changed whenever you want giving the flexibility you need to run your business efficiently. We ensure that our PAs use their expertise to give an excellent and professional impression, responding quickly to new enquiries.

Call and ask any questions you may have on 0800 083 2223.


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