Online / Offline Sales Order Processing & Despatch

Sometimes your clients prefer to place their order with you over the phone. When you are not available, your PAs will carry out this process for you and therefore prevent you missing any sale. Although many people are comfortable with placing their orders online there are still around 25% of website visitors who just don't want to do this. By allowing your PAs to assist in this way allows you and your team to carry on working without interruption. As you have named PAs who answer your calls, their knowledge of your process and products is excellent. Your clients’ requirements are of great importance and they must always receive the same high standard of service regardless of who takes their call.

 Whether it is ordering a kayak or an all-important golf trophy, which is of course needed urgently, we'll ensure your clients are looked after and place their order with you!

Drop Ship Product orders / Brochure Requests

Do you need to ship your products or send out brochures? Are you constantly running around to catch up as you are developing your business while trying to answer calls and process your shipments?  We can help you with a drop ship model. If your products are of a certain size and need shipped the same day we can help take the pain away for you. We will take orders, process the shipment and ensure the goods / brochures are sent the same day as the order. Items in place for current clients range from CDs & DVDs, Brochures, and Beauty Products. Your stock is maintained by PI counts and stock checks can be reported weekly.

A follow on from shipment and delivery...

Also as a value added service we can also follow up to ensure your products have been received and that the customer is totally satisfied. Even get you more testimonials for excellent service as we can log the customer’s feedback!

 If a brochure is requested your PAs can follow up to confirm each customer received it and enquire if they require further information, would like a call to discuss things further, place an order or if they would like to make an appointment to see someone.

Please contact us now on 0800 083 2223 to discuss how we can help you capture more business.

This can be added to any KBVO

IT / Customer Helpdesk

Personal Assistants acting on behalf your business will at times be acting as your clients’ first point of contact. 

Your PAs can (and currently do with existing clients) work with your business to ensure that calls are logged on your own system. When you need calls logged on your CRM or Helpdesk software, to allow you to manage your work flow, your PAs ensure all the relevant details needed are entered directly into your system. If your caller needs to be given a ticket / job number, as they have logged a request for help, then your PAs will advise this once they have completed entering the details. 

 You can get in touch and talk to the PAs at any time throughout the working day. This allows them to build up an excellent knowledge of you, your systems and your company. Through continuous communication you can ensure that any queries or problems that your customers may have are dealt with correctly and that the PAs have the correct information at hand to handle your calls expertly.

At KBVO our PAs ensure that all helpdesk procedures are followed and that any specific requirements by our clients are followed to the letter. This also applies to sales enquires and orders, our PAs are happy to take sales orders on your behalf and you have every opportunity to establish the procedures you wish to put in place. It is our policy to make sure our PAs are aware of exactly how you wish your calls to be handled, particularly when dealing with sales.

Handling Your Calls As You Need ThemTo Be Handled

Call Handling is a core part of the services offered by your PAs. Your experienced and friendly PAs will handle your calls according to your instructions. Our PAs have a wealth of expertise and can efficiently handle a continuously changing volume of calls.

Services include capturing caller’s details, and asking qualifying questions in order to get the information you require from your callers. Whenever taking on a new client it is essential to agree call handling instructions to ensure that services are at their most beneficial to your company, giving you the confidence to concentrate on running your business. In addition we provide call screening as part of our call handling services to guarantee you get the most out of our services.

Answering of calls and taking messages will be handled by your assigned PAs, and they will do this according to your requirements. Your PAs also offer message handling services for your customers so that your messages can be forwarded on to you immediately by email, SMS text, pager or fax, whichever best suits you. If you don’t want your messages straight away we can hold and store them for you until you do.



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