Call Transfer: important calls passed to your mobile or landline.

Call transfer service to your mobile or landline:
Important calls are sometimes missed because you are out of the office but they need to be dealt with immediately by yourself. This is possible by just letting your PAs know you are expecting that call. You can have all your calls announced to you and you can then decide whether to accept them or have your PAs take a message. Your PAs will establish who is calling and then contact you immediately. If you are available and want to accept the call then it is transferred directly to you. If you decide for whatever reason that you can't take the call we will send you a detailed message as normal. You are only charged for calls you accept, you are under no obligation to take the transfer. All call transfers are logged on your end of day summary so you can keep track of them. All you pay for the transferred call is £0.85+VAT.
If you have any questions about our UK call transfer services, please feel free to call 0800 083 2223.
Get Transfers to mobiles or UK landlines now:
Never miss an important call again. Whether you are regularly on the road or you have important calls that just can't be missied, our UK call transfer services can keep you connected - at all times.
Good communication is the recipe for a successful business. Whether it's internal or external communication, no company or organisation can be effective without it. If you need help managing your business calls, your KBVO PAs can become part of your team. Your PAs can organise call transfers to UK landlines as well as call transfers to mobiles, so whether you have multiple office locations, you work from home, or you work remotely our UK call transfer services can assist you in your day to day business communications.
Get Seamless call transfers with KBVO:
Many businesses choose KBVO for our quality of service, which has been recommended by another company. Here at KBVO, we offer a range of virtual office and telephone handling services that can reduce your costs and help your business grow. If you have missed opportunities or had negative feedback regarding speed or quality of telephone correspondance, let your expert, bright and cheerful PAs help you today. KBVO team members are qualified to advise you in the best services for your company: whether you require UK call transfer services or call handling, we can help you choose the most cost effective solution.
For UK call transfer services (call transfers to UK landline and call transfers to mobiles), get in touch with us today, call 0800 083 2223 or click KBVO Virtual Office Service for an immediate call back.


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