Have A Virtual Landline Ring Directly On Your Mobile Phone Or Choose A Landline Number on a SIM!

Importants Facts:
  • Practically all UK dial codes 01 and 02 are available as virtual numbers.
  • You can have your Virtual Landline ring on any mobile phone, mobile network, landline or international number.
  • Manage your service online 24/7 and change where your Virtual number rings or just contact us and we will do it for you straight away.
  • No fuss and no hassle. We only use a Tier 1 Telecoms provider which does not put your calls via VOIP or any other internet based service provider. Quality of service is always key!
  • Have your new virtual landline up and running in a few hours.
If you want to choose a new virtual UK number and have it ring directly on your mobile, choose the following link: 
Your SIM Card can have a Landline Number instead of just a mobile number. Click here for breakdown of costs : Landline number on your Mobile Phone or Sim Card from just £5.50+VAT per month.
This is a fantastic way to be local without the cost of a business landline. Will especially suit businesses which currently use:
  • Home number as your business landline
  • Mobile number as your main point of contact

Superb features which keeps the cost low and no compulsory long term contracts Whether you are starting up or have an existing business you can choose a landline number in the dialing code of your choice ring directly on your mobile SIM card. You can also add multiple phone numbers from different dialling codes to ring on your SIM Card on your phone (You are even prompted which number is being called!). 

When your customers phone your "Landline on a SIM" number it rings directly on your mobile. A true mobile office! You can also have the ability to record every conversation so you never miss any details from a conversation you are having with a client. No more grabbing scraps of paper or memorising what they asked you to do. When the call you are recording ends the conversation is ready for you to listen to when you are free. Once you have listened to your reordings you can delete or keep for future reference ir required. 

Why is having a Landline number on your Mobile SIM card a great option?
  • Customers like to see a landline for your business not just a mobile number
  • Office based impression without the cost of a office.
  • Use your landline number on your business cards, directories and advertising.
  • Whisper alert advises you that the landline is being called
  • Minimum term 3 months then montly notice
  • You can attract more customers by increasing your local reach.
  • Where ever you are you can take your "landline office calls".
  • You don't need a desk phone anymore and no call forwarding charges to your mobile phone.
  • Always look local with your "mobile" landline number.
  • Your voicemail messages are emailed directly to you as a voice file.
  • Record any call and have it available to refer to when required, no more scribbling down details.
  • Oh! must also mention that you can have multiple local landline dialing codes on the same mobile phone number or SIM card. Cover many areas at once.
For futher information on this service please call us now on 0800 083 2223 from your landline or 0333 200 2505 from your mobile.


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