Virtual Telephone Number Features Explained

As your New Virtual Number has so many features you can use, we have explained each one below. This allows you to decide which are best for your business. If you want to chat over any in more detals please call us on 0800 083 2223 and we will be delighted to help.

Divert to your Mobile:

  • This is a simple set up to divert to your chosen mobile number. It can be any mobile as the service is not dictated by the network you are with or which type of phone you have. Your virtual number is totally independent and flexible.

Whisper Message:

  • When your mobile starts to ring you need to know if the call is from your virtual number or if the caller has rung your mobile directly. We will place a whisper announcement on your number which tells you when the call is from your landline number. This gives you the ability to know how to handle the call before you speak with the caller.

Virtual Switchboard

  • When a call is made to your new Landline number the caller can be offered choices of who they wish to speak to or be put through to a department. Example: Your caller has a sales query just before they decide to buy your service or product. When your IVR Menu is in place they have options to choose from: Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Support and Press 3 for Accounts. They simply choose 1 for sales and the call goes through to the number you want the sales calls to go to. Instead of Departments you can use staff names, it's up to you. 

Voicemail to email:

  • When you miss a call your virtual number doesn't go to your mobile phones voicemail. Your virtual number is set to go to a professional and personalised voicemail which relates to your landline number/business. The voicemail left is then emailed immediately to you as a voice file that you can listen to. If you have a mobile phone which can access emails then you can listen to it on your phone.

Time of day call management:

  • Your business opening hours may be 8AM to 7PM Monday to Friday and 9AM to 3PM on Saturdays. This service allows you to answer calls between your opening hours and call out of these times will go directly to your Voicemail to Email service.

Introduction Announcement:

  • When your caller rings your virtual landline number they will hear an announcement, scripted by yourself, welcoming them to your business before you answer their call. This will confirm to the caller that they have dialled the correct number and it also gives them different experience which your caller will remember.

Whisper Announcement Accept / Decline:

  • As with the Whisper Announcement which alerts you that the call is from your Landline number this service gives you the option to accept the call or make it go to voicemail. This is used when you are not able to take the call for what ever reason.

Ring on multiple mobiles at the same time:

  • If you have other members of your business who are able to answer your landline number then the calls can be set to ring on these mobile numbers and the first person to answer will deal with the call. This feature allows you to change the mobile numbers being used.

Ring on different mobiles in sequence:

  • You may have members of your business who can answer your business calls from your landline number but don't want to always have the calls ringing on all the mobiles at once. This feature allows you set which mobile the calls ring on first then second and then third. This feature allows the ring sequence and mobile numbers to be amended at anytime.

Record your calls:

  • Simply put all calls that you receive are recorded for your private use to listen back to when required. It is handy when you answer and don't want to take notes while you are in full flow of your sales pitch. If you want to use the recordings for any other purpose you would use your introduction announcement feature to welcome the caller and let them know that the call will be recorded for: e.g. training purposes, etc..

Transfer Your Calls:

  • When you have more than one person in your business who would deal with callers such as accounts or technical support you can place the caller on hold and speak with that member of your team, announce who you have on the line and then transfer the call to their mobile or landline.

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Please feel free to call us on 0800 083 2223 to chat through your requirements and how we can help to make the best use of the available features for your business. We are happy to assist in any way possible. 


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