Virtual Landline Number On A Mobile For Your New Business

You have started a business and know that you just need a mobile phone. The thing is that having a landline number on your business card and website does give potential customers trust and show them that you are locally based. What do you do to get around the issue of paying to have a landline installed in your home or office?? Simple, the following points list exactly what hundreds of busineses are doing every week:

1/ Choose the telephone area code you wish to have for your business.

  • You can choose to have any 01 or 02 code and even 08 and 03 non-geographic numbers.

2/ Decide if just one area code is sufficient at this moment.

  • You can have many areas covered by choosing more than one local area code.

3/ Think about the services you would like to have available on your new virtual landline numbers.

There are many services you can have which give the same abilities as an expensive telephone switch without the costs. Some of the most popular are:

  • Whisper
  • Introduction announcement to callers
  • Menu Choice (press 1 for Sales, press 2 for...
  • Voicemail to email (no more using your mobiles voicemail)
  • Call recording
  • Ring on more than one mobile in sequence or at the same time

4/ Chat over your options with one of KBVOs team to chat through your options and the best way to utilise the services and get the most value from the service.

5/ Decide the day you want yoiur new Virtual Landline number to start whilst being issued your new number now. This gives you time to get the number onto new stationery, marketimg and your website ready for your launch.

Important Advantage Points for Virtual landlines Versus Physical Landlines:

  • No long term contracts with KBVO, just a minimum term of three months then monthly notice.
  • No high install costs, just a £5.50+VAT set up fee and from £5.50+VAT per month.
  • Your number is totally independent of any mobile network , SIM card or mobile phone.
  • If you move address you have no risk of losing your telephone number. because you have moved out of the excghange area.
  • Choose your number from NEW numbers!
  • Set up and working within 24 hours.

To chat further and enquire what numbers in your area are available please call us now on 0800 083 2223 from a landline or 0333 200 2505 from mobiles.


0800 083 2223
(from landlines)

0333 200 2505
(from mobiles)