Landline Numbers Fixed On Your Mobile SIM Card

Landline Numbers for your business no longer need to be physically linked to your phone line in your business premises or home office. Just imagine having the freedom to work where ever you want knowing your business landline rings directly on your mobile phone. No more diverting your landline to your mobile and paying high divert costs. No more fear of losing your landline number if you move premisies or home.

This break through is very cheap compared to the current alternative. From just £5.50+VAT per month it is a fantastic option if this is what suits your business. Use any mobile phone which you have. When people call your landline number on your SIM they just pay for a call to a normal landline.

Start up businesses and companies who are out all day find this service a breath of fresh air. You can even add more than one landline number to your SIM card. Businesses with a geographic spread over different phone code areas have added multilpe numbers to cover their area of work.

Examples of clients successfully using the service:
  • Letting Agent in Wigan: Covering Bolton, Burnley, Chorley and St Helens as well as Wigan have 5 numbers on their SIM. No need for 5 landlines and costs associated with their set up, rental and long term contracts.
  • Locksmith in central Scotland : Use 5 local virtual landline numbers to cover all areas across the central belt, Glasgow to Edinburgh. All virtual UK landline numbers point to the mobiles within their business. This allows the company to cover all local areas with their services. Each call is annouced, through a call whisper, to the company advising which number has been called and therefore they know how to answer the call and get the business! 
  • Accountancy Firm in London : A practice who are out meeting with clients and working with them needed to always be available. This solutuon worked perfectly for them.
No long contracts are neccessary either as you take the service with just a three month contract period then monthly notice thereafter. Many people and businesses have taken the service to realise that it has been not just a benefit to catch all calls on the move but actually capture more business.
For more details of the service click : Landline on a mobile SIM card or call 0800 083 2223.


0800 083 2223
(from landlines)

0333 200 2505
(from mobiles)