Telephone Answering Services: So Different, So Fresh and So Important. It's The Little Things We Do For You!

When you need a telephone answering service to deliver the highest possible service levels to your customers, then you need KBVO. We will be an extension of your business with perfect PA's that you can have total confidence in. Choosing a Telephone Answering Service that "just takes a message" is easy but it's a false economy. It's a fact that great customer service keeps clients and gets you personal recommendations, so get KBVO on your team and deliver world class customer service for your business. We will always go the extra mile and become an integral part of your business.

Our Telephone Answering Service Adds Real Value

Many clients of KBVO initially enquire if we can just take a message. "Just get the name and number then email me, I don't need anything else". As the first impression of your business for any caller is the person at the other end of the phone, you need to approach things differently. How would you answer the phone to a new prospective client? What do you want from your telephone answering service so that you know your callers will be impressed and happy they called your business?

How your call answering service makes your client feel is just as important as how professional it is.
More than Just An Answering service - Your PAs will: 
  • Set up your service by tailoring what will work best for you - let us know what you want and how you want it carried out.
  • While setting up your unique telephone answering service we will also use our experience and suggest activities and process that you may not realise are available to you.
  • Ongoing tweaks to your service should be the norm as it allows development and improvement.
  • We'll know who you are, what you do, how you do it, who else works works with you and when you are in and out, etc. etc..
  • Your assigned PAs will answer your phone as though we are sitting in your office..with a smile!
  • We'll never just say there is no-one here and can I take a message! Show you are interested and appreciate their call.
  • Ask who is calling and how you can help - this helps understand who the caller is and what they are really calling about.
  • Establish from what the caller wants and what we can do to help. Do we have the details to help the caller or know who should receive the message?
  • Obtain the callers details - Name, Business, Telephone, Mobile, email, How they heard about you, book an appointment, take an order etc.. By collecting the appropriate details from callers, in the correct way, you can build a data base of potential clients with their contact details.
  • Does your caller need to speak to you urgently? We'll try to get a hold of you there and then rather than send a message (we use our experience and judgement).
  • When you receive a message you may need to pass details/information back to the caller. If you are busy and don't have the time. Just send the message to your PAs and the PA that sent you the message will call the person back and relay the information (continuity of service for your caller!).
  • When your business grows and develops, our knowledge and assistance will also increase because we work with you everyday.
These are just a few small pointers which will make a huge difference and also solve many worries you may have about letting someone else answer you telephone calls.
By choosing the service most suited to you and your business you'll spend more time developing business than worrying who is answering your phone calls. If it matters who answers your calls then this is the market KBVO are in - Personal and Professional.
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