Manchester Mail Forwarding Address and Telephone Answering Services

You need your own Business Mailing Forwarding Address and also a Personal Telephone Answering Service to give the best impression for your business.
Your service in Manchester can be set up quickly and efficiently in order so that you can use them almost immediately. There are two main services which businesses required and these are:
  • Personalised Telephone Answering Service : From just £40+VAT per month
  • Local Manchester Mail Forwarding Address : From £38 inc VAT per month
More Virtual Office Solutions readily available to your business by your virtual teams. We have listed the most popular below. Using the available services will assist your business growth while saving you money at the same time.
Telephone Answering Service UK:
  • Set up your local 0161 number without the need for a phone line! Select from 01, 0845 and 0800 numbers.
  • Have faxes sent to a dedicated fax number without the need for a fax machine. All faxes are sent to your PC, blackberry or iphone.
  • Have multiple companies with your telephone answering service. Each of your businesses are answered in their own name.
  • All your calls can be emailed, sms'd or transferred to your landline or mobile.
  • Online diary management - don't miss or double book any more appointments - your PAs will manage this for your.
  • Email management - Your PAs will assist you when you are busy or just need that extra bit of help.
  • Set up bespoke services to match your business needs (invoicing, outbound calls, credit control).  
Manchester Business Mail Forwarding Service and Mail Forwarding:  
  • Prestigious Business Address : 792 Wilmslow Road, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 6UG
  • Your Business Cards are  printed here saving you time. 
  • Various Office Supplies are available on site
  • Your marketing banners and promotional material can be ordered here.
  • Design and Print all your stationary here and collect directly
  • Access to UPS, Parcelforce Worldwide & Fedex
  • Select from other UK business addresses as your business develops and grows.  
Feel free to call and choose any service or ask any questions, just call us now on 0800 083 2223. We will be delighted to assist.


0800 083 2223
(from landlines)

0333 200 2505
(from mobiles)