IT Support Telephone Answering Service

When your IT Support business supports the IT structure of many SMEs then you need to ensure that every process which can utilise your time effeciently, is in place.
In Liverpool we have an excellent example of this. Their many clients demand a fast and responsive service. Each call could be a disaster recovery situation but equally they could be ordering a new laptop. Either way it is important to deal with them professionally and with a level of service you are proud off.
Most IT support can be done remotely and immediately. This creates a challenge for the engineers who support this as they are called directly and constantly asked by clients for "quick fixes". 
  • How do you prioritise calls?
  • How do you make sure all clients receive the same high service level?
  • How can you close out each job in the fastest turn around time?
  • How do you create a simple process for it which is cost effective?
  • Most importantly, with all the calls and little jobs your engineers are asked to do, how do you ensure that every job is tracked and billed accordingly regardless of time taken to complete it? is how out IT support clients do it:
  • Calls into your business are answered by your KBVO PAs
  • Your PAs establich caller, company, reason for call, contrcat or PAYG client
  • Is the call Urgent? Action process accordingly
  • If the call is not urgent it is assigned a ticket and passed to Engineers
  • All calls are logged onto ticket system (yours or KBVOs) and tickets allocated
  • Calls are passed to engineers if available or engineers alerted of pending job
  • Engineers prioritise work thorugh response timescale agreed with clients
  • Tickets are closed with all work done is logged.
  • Each Closed ticket is then billed out.
Each of our IT Support Customers have various systems whoch their KBVO PAs work with each day. Knowing that your business is in safe hands, when calls are answered, is important. All calls and job requests are logged so that no work goes unpaid.
For more details pl;ease call 0800 083 2223 or email us at , we look forward to hearing from you.


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