Boat Brokerage Telephone Answering Service

Selling boats is an outside job. Working in yards and marinas means that you are rarely inside anything other than the boat you are showing potential buyers around.
This creates a potential issue with generating new business and dealing with enquiries which come through your office phone when you are out. A professional telephone answering service is something which resolves this. Being able to react immediately to a potential buyer and show them a boat or meet a seller, you can develop your business without worrying about what calls are being missed.
Each time your assigned PAs answer your calls the caller is presented with a professional image at all times. No more having to transfer your office number to your mobile or callers getting your voicemail message as you are out of reception area. Your PAs deal with each call and details are taken and sent to you via sms or email so that you are able to contact them when you are able to. Equally the caller is happy as they are aware that action has been taken and you will call back as soon as you are available. 
The details taken from each caller can be:
  • Full name
  • Contact details (landline and mobile)
  • Reason for call (purchase or selling)
  • Boat details (type, where it is lying)
  • Email address
  • Suitable time to call back.
There are times that you may want the call transferred to your mobile, just let us know if you are expecting an important call that cannot wait. As you always have the same PAs working with you in your team they (example: Mary, Ann, Gwyneth and Kirsty), they get to understand the type of calls you would prefer to take if possible and what you would prefer as messages.
As your messages need to be detailed please click here and you can see how your PAs take messages to ensure accurate and valuable messages are taken.
Click here to trial your telephone answering service for Free or please call 0800 083 2223 where one of your team will be delighted to set up your account.


0800 083 2223
(from landlines)

0333 200 2505
(from mobiles)