Air Charter Telephone Answering Service

As you have high value calls each one is crucial and needs to be dealt with in a professional manner. At no time should a client (prospect or existing) be greeted with an telephone answering machine or an engaged tone. It just takes a second to dial a competitor so why risk it when a professional telephone answering service can assist when your lines are engaged or unanswered?
With requirements such as helicopter transfers from a hotel to the golf championship course or a jet charter from Birmingham to Palma you need the details of each enquiry sent immediately to your team.
It is important you know details such as the following to allow you to start investigating the availability and costs:
  • Full name of caller
  • Business name if not private
  • Contact details: Landline, Mobile and Email address
  • What exactly they require
  • Dates of departure and return (preferred times)
  • Number of people travelling
  • Any special requirements during the flights
There are other questions which your telephone answering service can ask and these are added to match your  needs. You are free to update and amend your requirements, simply call or email your assigned PAs.
Please feel free to call on 0800 083 2223 to discuss your service requirements. Have a chat with one of your future PAs and find out how they can help your business capture every opportunity and increase your levels of customer support.


0800 083 2223
(from landlines)

0333 200 2505
(from mobiles)