Accountants Telephone Answering Service

When developing your business you find that you are missing important messages when you are not available to answer calls but on the other hand you can't concentrate on your work when you do answer them. A catch 22 situation but one that you are in simply due to the type of work you do (especially in January). With a professional and personal Telephone Answering Service which understands your requirements (by assigning the same PAs to become part of your team) will ensure you can have the best of both worlds. Again we say, especially PAs who understand your requirements!
We find Accountants needs unique and very specific as your work to guidelines and deadlines. As calls into your business can be low one month and high the next you are able to change you package to suit.
When calls are diverted to KBVO, your existing Clients are asked who they are and their company name (until they are better known by the PAs). Their messages are taken in detail so that the appropriate person in your Accountancy
practice would receive them and also be able to deal with them.
Details taken from existing clients:
  • Name
  • Business Name
  • Contact Number / Mobile Number / Email Address(where required)
  • Reason for call
  • Messages are relayed to the most appropriate partner/employee
New callers are greeted and asked how they can be helped. Your callers give their contact details and reason for their call. Again your PAs establish who is best to deal with each message and forward it directly to them.
Details taken from the New callers:
  • Name
  • Business Name
  • Contact Number / Mobile Number / Email Address(where required)
  • Reason For Call
  • How they had heard about your Accountancy Services
  • Confirm a suitable time to call back
New opportunities are sent to specific partners who concentrate on business development.
At the end of the day you are sent a summary of all messages taken. You can have anyone in  your team copied. This acts as a double prompt for you as well as showing what has gone on during the day.
One benefit which comes from using KBVO surprises our clients (but not our PAs) is that existing clients get to know their accountants "new" PAs and know that their messages are passed/relayed immediately and that action wil be taken.
Also new callers find that they are met with friendly and professional staff at all times giving a great impression of your business.

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