Monthly Subscription: 12.50
Set up cost: 5.50

Virtual 3 : £12.50

What's included:

  • Your landline rings directly on your chosen mobile number
  • You will hear a whisper message advising that the call is from your landline
  • Online call stats
  • Free Account assistance to change your divert mobile number, update your voicemail message
  • Virtual Switchboard: Press 1 for Sales, Press 2...
  • Personalised voicemail to email for those times you miss a call
  • Missed call alert
  • Time of day call management
  • Online call management - change your divert mobile number at anytime
  • Personalised intro announcement for your callers to listen to before you answer
  • Whisper announcement allowing to accept or decline the call
  • Your virtual landline number can ring on multiple mobiles at the same time
  • Your virtual landline number can ring on 3 different mobiles in sequence
  • Record your calls
  • Transfer your caller easily to another number just like in a real office
  • Online call management - change your mobile/s and the sequence they ring
  • One off set up fee £5.50
  • Usage charge just 7.5p per minute

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Complete the following to set up your landline number

Enter the UK Telephone Code You Require (e.g. 0121). We will allocate a brand new number for you with your required UK dialing code.:

Enter up to 3 mobiles to ring either in sequence or at the same time:
Choose to have your calls ring in sequence or at the same time on up to 3 mobiles. This can be changed at anytime.

Choose one of the following options:
One mobile only (20 seconds) then voicemail
Ring in Sequence (15 second intervals) then voicemail
Ring at Same time (20 seconds) then voicemail

Enter the mobile you want to divert to:

Enter 2nd mobile number (If required):

Enter 3rd mobile number (If required):

Choose the menu functions if required (this can be added at a later date):
Menu Function Not Required At present
Press 1 for Sales
Press 2 for Support
Press 3 For All Other Enquiries
Repeat All Menu Options If None Chosen

Enter your email to receive missed call alerts:

Your default voicemail message is as follows:
"Thank you for calling - YOUR COMPANY NAME - please leave your name, contact number along with a detailed message and one of our team will contact you as soon as possible, thank you." This can be changed to your own script after number set up.

Enter the company name for your voicemail message:

Choose the working hours (when your calls will ring on your mobile/s):
By selecting the working hour options below, your service will be set up to match this. Outwith your working hours your personalised voicemail message will be on and voicemails will be emailed to you. You are able to change these times once set up.

No Voicemail Period - Ring all day on mobile
Mon to Fri : 8AM to 10PM
Mon to Fri : 8:30AM to 6PM
Mon to Fri : 9AM to 5:30PM

No Voicemail Period - Ring all day on mobile
Sat : 9AM to 5PM
Sat : 10AM to 4PM
Sat : Same times as Weekday

No Voicemail Period - Ring all day on mobile
Sun : 9AM to 5PM
Sun : 10AM to 4PM
Sat : Same times as Weekday

The ability to records all your calls:
You can choose to record your incoming calls. Recorded calls are stored for 30 days on your secure online portal. If you choose to records calls your intro. announcement will advise this to callers.

Record Your Calls (Additional 4ppm):
No - do not record my incoming calls
Yes - records my incoming calls

You can transfer your incoming calls to other numbers:
When you receive calls and you need to put them through to other members of your team you can now do this from your mobile. Simple instructions will be sent with your confirmation of service email.

Choose to have the transfer option on your landline:
No - transferring of calls is not required at this moment
Yes - please add this option to my service

Your basket

Your basket


0800 083 2223
(from landlines)

0333 200 2505
(from mobiles)